The Wisdom of Rabbi Sacks z"l, Tailored to Your Classroom.

A teacher training program that will introduce participants to the wisdom of Rabbi Sacks z"l and help them deliver timeless ideas in the classroom.

“Torah is not merely learned. It cries out to be lived."

- Rabbi Jonathan Sacks zt”l

Preparing high-quality Judaic curricula while simultaneously planning, delivering, and assessing lessons can often be a struggle for teachers. Together with the LaHaV curriculum project and world-class content experts, the Rabbi Sacks Legacy seeks to transform this dynamic. This exciting program will bring the wisdom and Torah of Rabbi Sacks to the classroom through a yearlong curriculum design and teacher training program for Middle and High School educators focused on one of three tracks in Jewish Philosophy, Chumash, or Parshat HaShavuah.

Teachers will learn from world-class content experts in Jewish Philosophy and work alongside curriculum design experts in order to combine inspirational content with cutting-edge pedagogy to build courses that will be relevant and adaptable for their schools. 

This course is a fully funded professional development opportunity for teachers looking to hone their pedagogic skills and content knowledge in schools looking to deliver transformative Judaic learning. 

Program Highlights

  • Yearlong training for educators in the thought of Rabbi Sacks beginning with a summer intensive and ongoing coaching provided throughout the year.

  • Professional development focused on principles of Curriculum Design and Pedagogy in three Judaic disciplines: Jewish Philosophy / Chumash / Parshat HaShavuah

  • Full curriculum content based on the thought of Rabbi Sacks

  • Cohort of teachers from across North America

  • Grants and Stipends of $10,000 for participating schools; $2,500 for cohort teachers